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External Hemorrhoids - Symptoms & Diagnosis

Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids

  • itching around the anus or rectal area
  • lumps near or around the anus
  • enlargement of vessels in the anus area
  • pain around the anus
  • blood in the stool

What Causes External Hemorrhoids?

Severe constipation is a common cause of external hemorrhoids, but if the pain continues to persist for more than 48-72 hours, schedule an examination with a doctor. A continuous, repeated, frequent strain in the bowel movement, also accompanied with blood discharges in the stool, results in external hemorrhoids.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Any prolapsed or external hemorrhoids may get thrombosed as a result of straining during defecation/extreme physical activity or any random event.

Patient presents in ER {Emergency room} with acute onset of anal pain (a blood clot can turn external Hemorrhoids into Purple/ blue with severe pain).

Medically, hemorrhoids are classified into
1. Primary piles – Hemorrhoids located at 3, 7, 11 o clock positions inside the anal canal
2. Secondary piles – one which occurs between the primary sites

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