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Post Hemorrhoid Treatment Plan

You recently underwent a hemorrhoid procedure. Mild to moderate post-operative swelling, bleeding and pain is normal and to be expected. To hasten the healing process and prevent complications like infections, we recommend the following:

For Healing

Morning and Night time for at least 2 weeks.

1. Xylocaine 2% Jelly: Acts as a lubricant and anesthetic
– Inject 5-10 cc inside the rectum

2. Ice popsicle: To limit and improve swelling
– Insert after xylocaine
– Put water inside the fingers of a glove. Tie up the fingers. Cut off the palm. Put in freezer.
– If successful, wash the ice popsicles with water and soap, and reuse.
– This may be uncomfortable.

3. Proctol Suppository: To limit swelling and prevent infection
– Insert after ice popsicle

For Prevention of Constipation and Hard Stools

For at least 1 month. Low residue diet for 2 days.

On day 3 start:
1. Stool softener/ Colace/Docusate sodium: 3x/day
2. Fibre supplement: At least once a day
a. Inulin: 2 tablets/gummies or 2 spoons of powder once or twice a day
b. Psyllium): 2 spoons (powder) once or twice a day
3. Mineral oil enema: One squirt in the rectum at bedtime for at least 2 weeks

For Pain

As needed

1. Tylenol or Advil – for mild pain
2. Celecoxib/Naproxen – for moderate pain
3. T3 (Tylenol with codeine): May cause constipation and bleeding – for severe pain
4. Dilaudid: May constipation and bleeding – for severe pain

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