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Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS)

At ProctoCan, we offer a minimally invasive plastic surgical approach to dealing with hemorrhoids
by using a laser to ablate, shrink the internal hemorrhoids. Advanced sutures (unidirectional) and plastic surgical techniques are used to tie off feeding blood flow into the hemorrhoids and move them deeper into the anus. We use Health Canada approved laser equipment and have cared for hundreds of patients from all over Canada successfully in this way using these techniques.

Internal hemorrhoids, also accompanied by blood clots (thrombosis), need minimally invasive surgery without invasive methods. The physician will remove the clot using various techniques to relieve your pain with the help of local anesthesia.

Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty (ELITE)

Laser hemorrhoidoplasty (ELITE) is a gentle, effective, and minimally invasive procedure for treating hemorrhoids. It involves using a laser to shrink the inflamed tissue without cutting, leaving the overlying skin intact as much as possible. ELITE kills the blood vessel from inside and encourages scars to form high up in the anus and low rectum to minimize cutting. This outpatient procedure is quicker, less painful, and involves less bleeding than traditional hemorrhoidectomy, with a faster recovery time and high success rate.

THD (Anolift)

Recent medical advancements have led to a patient-friendly alternative treatment for hemorrhoids known as THD Doppler surgery. THD stands for Transanal Hemorrhoidal dearterialization, and it is a very effective procedure that does not modify the anal anatomy. By ligating hemorrhoidal arteries and folding the rectal submucosa, blood overflow to the affected tissue is reduced. This procedure intervenes in the pathophysiological processes of hemorrhoidal disease and can be used to treat all grades of hemorrhoids. It is also used as part of the ELITE in cases of prolapse of hemorrhoidal tissue outside of the anus that reduces on its own or requires a finger reduction back into the anus.

Healthcare Coverage

ELITE and THD procedures are not covered by provincial health insurance (OHIP in Ontario) and most supplemental employer supplied health insurance coverages

Patients can apply for tax credits for eligible expenses.

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