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Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty (ELITE)

Minimally invasive techniques are used in endoscopic hemorrhoidectomy, resulting in less trauma and a rapid return to usual activities. Advanced surgeons who have minimally invasive training and experience can approach your situation with both techniques, as necessary. No single technique takes care of everything, all the time. In our hands, 5-20% (depending on how severe your particular case is) of patients will, either at the beginning, or later on, need some cutting out surgery.

A skilled surgeon with expertise in minimally invasive procedures like ELITE/THD can perform a follow-up procedure, such as a minor mucopexy revision or laser treatment, or even consider an Endoscopic Hemorrhoidectomy (EH) if some hemorrhoids do not respond to the initial operation. As mentioned above, sometimes we utilize both, a hybrid approach involving cutting surgery and MIS at the initial operation.

Complications and Risks of Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty (ELITE)

It is important to understand that even though you may invest in an advanced procedure, surgery is not a perfect science. All surgical procedures come with inherent risks and potential complications, regardless of the technology or techniques used. Despite the advancements in medical technology, there is always a possibility that a surgical procedure may not meet your expectations or lead to desired outcomes. It is crucial to have realistic expectations and weigh the potential benefits against the potential risks of any surgical procedure. It is crucial also to discuss these potential risks with your surgeon so that you can make an informed decision.
Generally, all surgeries on the anus tends to leave one with varying degrees of pain, burning, discomfort, difficulty with urination, inability to pass stool due to stenosis or tightness. Very rarely one can suffer incontinence, infectious complications like abscess and fistula, a tunnel between the inside and the outside of your anus and extremely rarely sepsis. Sepsis is a very rare serious complication that can occur, requiring intensive care in the hospital. Bleeding, and the need for repeat surgery is also a possibility.

Patients might spend about a quarter to a third as much time off work and in pain for Grade 3/4 hemorrhoids, than one can expect off work with extensive cutting surgery. Patients with similar disease in our experience 1-2 weeks of disability with non-cutting surgery compared to 4-16 weeks off after cutting hemorrhoidectomy. Some return to home based work or light activities within days.

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