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Prolapsed Hemorrhoids - Symptoms & Diagnosis

Is rectal prolapse the same as prolapsed hemorrhoids?

Rectal prolapse and hemorrhoids are different conditions. Rectal prolapse is when the rectum falls out through the anus due to loss of attachment. Hemorrhoids are the protrusion of Anal canal tissues. Hemorrhoids are more common than rectal prolapse and can be treated through invasive procedures or surgery. Rectal prolapse can cause fecal incontinence. (Inability to control the passing of gas or stool). See a surgeon who can tell the difference.

When to see a doctor?

Timely consultation of a medical expert for hemorrhoids will help in treating it using simple home remedies or medications as suggested by the expert. In certain cases, surgical treatment will also be recommended by the doctor.

  • If hemorrhoids do not gradually reduce on its own and cause excessive discomfort that hinders the routine activities.
  • Irregular bowel movements leading to other digestive problems.
  • Sudden excessive bleeding from the anus.
  • The bulge of the lump becomes too big.
  • Red and itchy skin around the anus.

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