Are you currently accepting new patients?

Yes we are please fax referrals to 416.250.5888

Do you have a long wait list?

No typical wait times are 2 to 4 weeks. Lesser for more urgent cases.

If so do you provide a cancellation list?

Yes of course again, we can assess patients based on need.

What is the cost of a typical examination?

Initial assessments and some investigations and treatments are done in clinic under OHIP for covered patients. Non OHIP covered patients are assessed in consultation for $200, which includes proctoscopic examination.

What treatment options do you provide in clinic?

Band Ligations with Cryotherapy/Hemorrhoid Surgery covered under OHIP. THD is not covered and usually cost around $4000 which includes anaesthesia fees.

Do you require a referral?

Yes. For OHIP covered patients. No. For self or third party referrals.