internal hemorrhoids

Internal Hemorrhoids – No Cutting THD Surgery

A man who was bleeding heavily from internal hemorrhoids, made worse by blood thinners after a heart attack and stent placement. He did very well tolerating no cutting THD surgery while still on his blood thinners!! .... safer that way. Better the slight risk of bleeding after surgery than a heart attack!!!  He did very well and was very happy after surgery!...

external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids

External Hemorrhoids and Internal Hemorrhoids – Firm and Woody

This lady had external hemorrhoids (skin tags) that were firm and woody. We took care of the internal hemorrhoids with the THD surgery, and had to remove the external woody tags by the usual cutting method.
Note we have to leave the wounds open because of the the obvious risk of infection. Washing this wounds with warm water, after bowel movements, and twice a day and keeping them as clean as possible will help this heal as completely in two to three weeks....